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Administrative Profile

Introduction : Sriniketan Santiniketan Planning Area (SSPA) has multiple Urban and Rural Local Bodies within it. They are as follows-

  • SSDA is the apex body.
  • The Bolpur Municipality has jurisdiction over the Urban Areas.
  • Visva Bharati University Estate Dept looks after development activities within the campus.
  • The balance comprising rural areas and urban fringes fall under jurisdiction of Gram Panchayats.
  • There are few pockets, which comes directly under the jurisdiction of SSDA

Administrative Setup

Srineketan Santiniketan Planning Area, as notified under provisions of West Bengal Town & Country (Planning & Development) Act 1979, vide Gazette notification no. 4069-T&CP/IS-25/87 dated 27th December, 1997, is estimated to be about 108.08 comprising 44 mouzas (in full) under Bolpur Police Station, Birbhum District, West Bengal.

The SSPA as delineated under the provision of the said Act of 1979.

Out of 44 Mouzas, 40 fall under following Gram Panchayats (Ref. Appendix-1.1), namely - Sian Muluk; Raipur Surpur; Ruppur & Kankalitala. SSPA also includes Bolpur Municipality consisting of the 4 Mouza as given in Table-1

Administrative Jurisdiction of Local Bodies within SSDA

Administrative Jurisdiction
Sq Km
Visva Bharati
Bolpur Municipality
Rural Area under Four Gram Panchayats
Land Directly under SSPA
Total Area under SSPA

Powers and functions of   SSDA

The powers and function of SSDA under Section 13, West Bengal Town and Country (Planning & Development) Act, 1979 are -

  • To prepare Land Use Map;
  • To prepare and enforce an Intermediate Perspective Plan till such time the LUDCP is prepared, approved and enforced;
  • To prepare and enforce Land Use and Development Control Plan (LUCDP);
  • To prescribe use of land within its area;
  • To perform any other function which is supplemental, incidental or consequential to any of the functions aforesaid or which may be prescribed;
  • To co-ordinate development activities of all departments and agencies of the state government or local authorities operating within the Planning Area:
  • To carry out or cause to be carried out such works as are contemplated in the Perspective plans;
  • To acquire, hold and manage such property, both moveable and immovable, as the Development Authority may deem necessary for the purpose of any of its activities and to lease, sell or otherwise transfer any property held by it;
  • To purchase by agreement or take on lease or under any form of tenancy, any land and to erect thereon such buildings and to carry out such operations as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying on its undertakings.
  • To enter into or perform such contracts as may be necessary for the purpose of  its duties and for exercise of its powers under this Act;